The Rule of the Land: Walking Ireland's Border

... has been selected by BBC Radio 4 for Book of the Week, beginning 13 March 2017.

“Garrett Carr engages a mapmaker’s eye and a writer’s sensibility to create a great book” The Irish Times

"Timely, informative and often very funny" Tom Holland

"It is Carr's contention that Ireland is more divided than any of us suspected — not in two but in three: north, south and borderland. The third state is opened up in this marvellous book" The Daily Telegraph

“Carr has the eye of a scientist, and a poet’s facility with words” Irish Independent

"Powerfully captures the often desolate beauty of the border landscape in language that is both robust, yet lyrical" David Park

"Reminiscent of Tim Robinson's response to landscape and what dwells within"
Sunday Times

"The place is rich indeed in life and stone, and I have seldom encountered line drawings as clear and beautiful and photographs as fine as those that appear in this brilliant guide to the border" Literary Review


THE RULE OF THE LAND is the story of Ireland’s border and a portrait of its landscape and people. First this three-hundred-mile line demarcated counties, then countries and will next be the frontier of the European Union. It was striking how little Ireland was discussed in the lead-up to the UK referendum on EU membership. You might have thought the border between the UK and the EU was going to be the English Channel. But it won’t be, it’s here, and it’s as thin as wire.

THE RULE OF THE LAND explores a fragile borderland, with an uncertain future. For the book I followed the border closely, no matter where it brought me. Where I could not walk, I went by canoe. At night I camped out on the land. I visited architecture on the border, forts and dykes as well as defensive buildings of the Troubles. I also met many people who live on the frontier, they helped me get beyond the borderline symbol on the map and find the living ground.

THE BADNESS OF BALLYDOG is an adventure story for young people from nine years and up. Along with my second novel LOST DOGS it was included in reads of the year lists in both The Times and The Irish Independent. DEEP DEEP DOWN completed the trilogy. The books are published by Simon & Schuster. See my page on Amazon or Goodreads.

A born storyteller.
The Times
One of the most imaginative debut children's novels I've read in a long time … Carr's writing is a joy – confident, muscular and fearless.
The Irish Independent
Cracking story.
The Irish Times

Shortly after the launch of The Rule of the Land I was part of a panel discussion on BBC Radio 4 Start the Week.

In 2014 I made half-hour documentary for BBC Radio 4 called CHARTING THE BORDER. It was based on my border surveys and the creation of THE MAP OF CONNECTIONS. On the frontier I visited new bridges and I spoke to people who built their own unofficial border crossings. The documentary can be heard through the production company’s archive.



charts unofficial border crossings: the stepping stones, footbridges and muddy lanes I found when walking the border. More on the map page.

FICTIONAL ULSTER locates Ulster’s fictional places – villages, townlands, mountains and other places invented by writers down through the years. More here.

There are still some prints of THE MAP OF WATCHFUL ARCHITECTURE 2.0 available. This is a map of defensive structures along the border. More on the map page.


Maps of Northern Ireland are often used to illustrate traditional political divisions, but they conceal a much more nuanced place. This landscape, rural and urban, is much more than a site of conflict. I brought together diverse mapmakers: local historians, activists, artists, geographers and urban planners for a show of maps called MAPPING ALTERNATIVE ULSTER. It is an exhibition that re-thinks our representation on maps.

From the comments book:
Both fascinating and inspiring ... very impressive, pluralist approach ... It seems the people of Northern Ireland have a special kind of love for their land, and desire to map it ... A wonderful and imaginative exhibiton ...

There's an exhibition website.

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